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3/19/10 is our Fire & Water: A Pisces~Aries Cusp Equinox Extravaganza

Party Logo

A Pisces~Aries Cusp Equinox  Extravaganza Equinox is approaching, the sun  is here, the Zodiac will  begin it’s  calender anew as we shift from the  Mystical Wise WATER of Pisces to the  Dynamic FIRE Energy of Aries.

March 19, 2010, the Blessings, in the spirit of the Temple of Yes,  hosted yet again another fabulous party for the clan.  We celebrated the Shimmering WATERS &  the  Sparkling FIRES that have manifested in our   community for this Equinox Extravaganza at the Temple of  YES!

This one is  particularly for our friends that are celebrating their birthdays:

Scotty Eerkes
Sun McNamee
Shimmering  Wolf (our most honored Pisces 3.18)
Gil Spencer
Gigi Hess
Cindy  Toone
Daniel Kottke
Daniel Mollner
Michael  Santa Cruz
Carrie Toder

The Aries will be shared their talents in many ways…

DJ Feral  (ww.djferal.com) with be spun delicious hip shakin’  grooves for two  rocking sets.
Daniel Mollner will be rocked the dance floor with  some of his fav’s.
Gigi Hess and Daniel Kottke  mellowed us with  some classic grooves  on the piano.
Hostess extroidinare Angela  Blessing blissed us with her medicine  songs.
Chillout Grooves and  special LED decor by Scotty Eerkes.
and Tunnel of LOVE at midnight!
Cosmic Digital Media Green Screen Portal was provided by Sun and Al.

Decor by Joegh Bullock of Anon Salon  and Sea of Dreams.

A FIRE & WATER alter created by  Shimmering Wolf.

Here’s a series of TwitVids from the Event.

Fire & Water The Party begins.

Fire & Water the party continues with Suns’s cousin Joe.

Tour of the Dance Floor

The Cuspies get the Cake!