10/9/9 – Can't get Grand Theft Auto out of my head

nikobelicOn Wednesday up on UCSC, I heard Professor Soraya Murray read her newest musings in a paper for the  Center for Cultural Studies Colloquium about Grand Theft Auto 4 and how it critiques Capitalism and Globalization.  I find many of the ideas she presented still running around in my head. The title of her manuscript is  Analytic Borderlands: Visualizations of Globality and the Body Becoming, investigating bodies under the duress of globalization and their representation in visual culture.  Moving from Linda Nochlin’s consideration of the body in pieces as a metaphor for early modernity, it examines Homi Bhabha’s “becoming” and Saskia Sassen’s “analytic borderlands” as frameworks for understanding depictions of bodies—particularly women’s bodies—in the matrix of global flux.” The two last sentences come straight from the Center’s synopsis. Continue reading 10/9/9 – Can't get Grand Theft Auto out of my head

New Page for Artists on Art Digital Archive

I created a page for the digital archive of the radio broadcast of “Artists on Art” since the show first began at the end of January 2009.

This show would not have happened without the help of Sharon Daniel, DANM MFA Program Chair, and Lyle Troxell, DANM Technical Coordinator.  Sharon supported my ability to take the radio class  while Lyle taught me how to use WordPress for the DANMite blog.

First Blog and Breakfast at NextSpace

Today is my first time at the Blog and Breakfast at NextSpace.

I’ve been wanting to upload the interview I had with Matt Moran, leader of Slavic Soul Party that played here last Thursday at the Kuumbwa.  The band features the singer, Eva Salina Primack.  She is the daughter of the architect of NextSpace.  She has an incredible voice.  The band lived up to its name.

Sadly, I could not find the file.  I’ll do it later. The interview was on the KZSC radio show, Artists on Art, Septemeber 21st.

We’re having bagels, thanks to Mahesh.

I have to run to my first section teaching up at UCSC for the very interesting class in the History of Art and Visual Culture Department, Video Games as Visual Culture.

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