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Zumba will make you feel good

For the last six months I have been having the time of my life working with Zumba.

Renee Rappaport Menard is our fabulous teacher.

I made this little video as a motivational tool to get my mother to do Zumba.  Avi is a my inspiration.  He’s 78 years old man who is shaking bootie with all of us.  He says his arthritis is better than ever.

Struggling with your Teen

Jazzy hands - Emo kids

Creative Commons License photo credit: avlxyz

Stop struggling!  I say this to you only because I am saying it to myself.  I feel that I have made the shift from trying to control and letting go.

Last night, my 18 year old wanted to go to a college party on a school night and final night.

Naturally I said “No”.  He pleaded, begged and did a great job of arguing until my husband caved.  The deal was struck.  He could go but if he wasn’t ready to go to school in the morning on his own – grounded for a month.  The stakes were set high!

Guess what happened.  He got up, showered and ready to go before me.

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100 Trumpets and the Genius of Maksa

My friend, Maksut Maksutovic-Maksa is a musical genius, retired professor of Music, from the University of Nis, and teacher of music and many trubaci bands. I met him a few years back in Serbia when I was visiting Danijela Vesalinovic’s family in Arilija. Danijela is a sublime trumpet player and leader of the Danijelin Orkestar. Maksa is their teacher.

Recently, the Russian Prime Minister Dimitrij Medvedev came to Belgrade on October 19, 2009.  On this same day 65 years ago, at the end of World War II, the Russians liberated Belgrade from the Nazis.  It was a great reason to put on show. Maksa got 100 trumpeters, and 40 drummers and other various brass musicians to fill out the orchestra, together and during a week’s time he was able to get all the musicians to play together, beautifully. B92 produced the concert that took place in the main Belgrade square “Trg Republica” also called the Konj or Horse referring to the statue of Knez Mihajlo riding a horse.

Maksa specifically chose 50 “white” Serbians and 50 Romi Serbians.  Half were from Uzica a nearby town known for its penchant of turning out amazing Trubaci bands and the other half were from Southern Serbia.  He wanted to showcase the fact that music transcends racial identities.  We are working on telling his story of the bringing these two peoples, two cultures together to this extraordinary event.  As Maksa puts it, see how hard it is to try to get three people to clap together and then think about  40 drummers and 100 trumpeters playing together.  It boggles the mind.

One person, lucky to be at the concert, described the sound rolling like thunder.

Below are the Youtube videos of this “never been done before” new world record.

COCEK ZA 100 trubaca






Volga Volga

Kada padne prvi sneg Da zna zora

Za Beograd

Artists on Art blog migrated to

Dear Friends,hope n chinese

I’ve migrated all the KZSC radio shows, Artists on Art,   blogs have been moved to Artists on Art, or  Please go there to hear, in entirety, all my past radio shows and blogs about the great guests I’ve been honored to interview.  It’s going up on a year.

This blog is an extension of my website that concerns my art.  Here is where ideas that are working their way around my head are finding a way out.

The blog is called Nada’s Musings because that is my name.  I go through thinking about my name in waves, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  Anything can trigger it, ussually someone asking or hoping I’m not from a spanish speaking culture. (a side, I wonder how you say nothing in Portugese)

A the top of this blog is the symbol characters for my name in Chinese.  My name means “hope” and nothing and whole lot of other things like she swims, el nada, morning dew, the sound of eternity, pajama rope that ties at your waist.

10/9/9 – Can't get Grand Theft Auto out of my head

nikobelicOn Wednesday up on UCSC, I heard Professor Soraya Murray read her newest musings in a paper for the  Center for Cultural Studies Colloquium about Grand Theft Auto 4 and how it critiques Capitalism and Globalization.  I find many of the ideas she presented still running around in my head. The title of her manuscript is  Analytic Borderlands: Visualizations of Globality and the Body Becoming, investigating bodies under the duress of globalization and their representation in visual culture.  Moving from Linda Nochlin’s consideration of the body in pieces as a metaphor for early modernity, it examines Homi Bhabha’s “becoming” and Saskia Sassen’s “analytic borderlands” as frameworks for understanding depictions of bodies—particularly women’s bodies—in the matrix of global flux.” The two last sentences come straight from the Center’s synopsis. Continue reading 10/9/9 – Can't get Grand Theft Auto out of my head