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Dear Friends,hope n chinese

I’ve migrated all the KZSC radio shows, Artists on Art,   blogs have been moved to Artists on Art, or  Please go there to hear, in entirety, all my past radio shows and blogs about the great guests I’ve been honored to interview.  It’s going up on a year.

This blog is an extension of my website that concerns my art.  Here is where ideas that are working their way around my head are finding a way out.

The blog is called Nada’s Musings because that is my name.  I go through thinking about my name in waves, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  Anything can trigger it, ussually someone asking or hoping I’m not from a spanish speaking culture. (a side, I wonder how you say nothing in Portugese)

A the top of this blog is the symbol characters for my name in Chinese.  My name means “hope” and nothing and whole lot of other things like she swims, el nada, morning dew, the sound of eternity, pajama rope that ties at your waist.

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